NEW: 2 appts open for Marriage Counseling in Portland on Saturdays! Sundays too! **Also video chat options for distance coaching**

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Cake and Communication Tools for Engineers, and Techies

Cake and Communication Tools Demo Night for Engineers and others who ask, "But what do I DO?"

Only 5 Tech/Geek/Brainy/Engineer types and their mates will get in on this first round.

First up: step by step (with take home booklet) interactive demo on talking about a fight or regrettable incident...AND CAKE! Why? Because my mission is to deliver the goods to make your marriage rock, Baby, and have fun too! Gluten free, and vegan cake by Petunia's.
Research backed tools.

Message me to get more info or reserve a spot. Couplescoach at gmail
Downtown Portland, Oregon.

#engineers, #portland, #tech, #isthisthingon

´╗┐See you soon,


Questions answered

Q: When? Saturday, June 21, 630 to 830 (suggest a Saturday or Sunday if you are not available for the 21st).

Q: Does insurance pay for this? No, this is a workshop not treatment for a mental disorder.

Q: Where? Downtown Portland location details are emailed to registrants.

Marriage Friendly Therapist

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Shannon Batts, Licensed Professional Counselor of Portland, Oregon, lic #C2379, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for Californians, lic# MFC34477, is a proud member of the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists, offering better than neutrality toward the outcome of your life long love commitment. "Marriage Friendly" is not an anti-gay marriage label but instead is a description of therapists scrutinized for advanced skills, education and training in assisting couples. Lesbian, gay and straight couples of all ages seek out tools for their relationships from Shannon Batts.

For more information or to find a Marriage Friendly Therapist in your city

Shannon is the counselor's counselor where couples go to grow a happy marriage, with Gottman research based relationship and marriage help.  Marriage Counseling, couples' coaching, premarital counseling, coaching for engaged couples, marriage affairs or adultery, porn or sex addiction or compulsion in your marriage, couples communication training-whatever you call it-make sure your counseling choice in Portland, Oregon has Advanced Gottman Institute aka Relationship Research Institute training.  A Gottman trained therapist like Shannon Batts knows how to move couples from sticky negativity to a garden of new possibilities from the very first couples' session.



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